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Q&A with Frank Sparks of Sparks4tography!

  • Posted on Apr 15, 2019

Q&A with Frank Sparks of Sparks4tography!

Frank Sparks, IV…innovator, visionary, and founder of Sparks4tography. It all started with a gift from Frank’s wife…a Nikon D340 camera. Little did they know this gift would birth a passion and skill, which prior to this point had been untapped. The more Frank worked on his craft, the more he became “ONE” with his passion.  Frank’s passion evolved into his purpose and the results have been astonishing.

Each photo captured by this creative visionary, brings forth the essence of life, love, power, purity and hope. When asked the secret behind the consistency of his photos and clarity of his eye, Frank says….

“When I look through the camera lens, I look for the soul of the picture. I seek to find the purest form to capture. It is not about rushing the shot, but about perfecting each shot. No matter who or what, when or where…. Perfection is my goal. To overcome any doubt, I tell myself each and every time I pick up my camera…. ‘I am the BEST Photographer in the World’ and through this self- motivation, my pictures speak for themselves!”

And now, as Frank continues to pursue his passion and purpose which started out as a mere gift, he realizes the “GIFT” inside of him was always there, however, nurturing was in need. Through each photo, you feel the essences of Frank’s gift, passion and love in a majestic way.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with my brilliant, creatively inclined childhood friend, Frank Sparks. I haven’t seen Frank in years, and just as old friends do, we picked up exactly where we left off without a hitch. There were lots of laughs, inspiration, and information circulating. Frank’s wife was there to provide her creative services, which an added bonus. The two of them make an awesome team!

Frank thank you for sharing your story with us! We are forever, grateful and wish you an exorbitant amount of success! We hope you enjoy the read!

1. Where did the idea come from to develop Sparks Photography?

The idea to develop and create Sparks4tography actually started from a conversation I had with my wife. Sparks4tography started off as just my Instagram name but with the more positive feedback I received we decided to turn it into a business.

2. When did you establish Sparks Photography?

Sparks4tography was established in July 2018.

3. How do you balance family, work and building your business?

Balancing, family, work and building a business has its challenges. With my wife and I both holding fulltime jobs,  kids extra curricular activities, and photography appointments, things get hectic at times, but I love what I do. My wife and I decided to turn a section of our basement into a photography studio, which should provide more balance.

4. What type of photography do you specialize in? 

Street photography is what I initially gravitated to, but I have decided to expand my brand. I specialize in family/individual portraits, memorial, special events, weddings, street photography, lifestyle, fashion photoshoots, sports, etc. I’ve recently booked my first wedding in June of this year.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

My advice for aspiring photographers is to follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Always you’re your camera with you wherever you go. Keep taking pictures and become one with your camera.

6. What starter equipment would you recommend for aspiring photographers?

I own a Nikon D340. You don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive camera, a nice entry level camera will do. The camera doesn’t make the pictures …. The pictures speak for themselves!

7. How do you prepare for a photography session to ensure your clients are satisfied?

First, I find out what ideas my client may have, the theme or look they’re going for. Then I’ll provide creative ideas and collectively determine the shoot location. The day of the shoot I arrive atleast an hour early to set up equipment to take some test shots.

8. What inspires your work?

I’m  a fan of other photographers’ work, so seeing and watching others’ inspires me go even harder.

9. What is your favorite bible verse or quote?

Romans 12:2. “Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the Renewing of your mind.”

10. What is your WHY?

My WHY… is my love for photography. I have been blessed with a gift that soothes my mind and takes me to a place of solitude It’s just me and my camera creating MAGIC…creating my vision.


IG: @Sparks4tography





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