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About Us

MoMedia, LLC. Is a multi-media television and film production company. We create original content, provide production management, and foster talent. MoMedia is comprised of three divisions; Multi-Media Production, Youth Video Production Academy and Commercial Contracting. We create media that inspires, educates, and invokes positive action within audiences around the globe.

Meet the Team:

Monique Jeter-Holley, CEO/Founder

Monique Jeter-Holley was introduced to the art of television and film making at the age of 15, through a summer job funded by the District of Columbia government. Monique immediately knew she was destined to work in the media industry. She went on to work in all facets of production, from management, casting, post production and training. She has worked on commercial, blockbuster, non-profit, and independent productions throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, as well as Los Angeles, CA and New York.

Monique developed MoMedia; a media production company to create media that inspires, educates, entertains, and invokes positive action within audiences around the globe. Monique holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University and a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from Georgetown University.

She currently serves on the advising committee for RizeUp Technology; offering television and film production consultation services.

MoMedia…Live by Design!

Dana Hicks, MoMedia Presents Host

Dana Hicks is the CEO and Founder of Capitol Life LLC, a DC-based marketing, branding, and promotions company.

She started Capitol Life LLC, in 2014 with the vision to assist small businesses with expanding their customer base.  The company delivers superior branding and extraordinary marketing experiences for all their clients.

Ms. Hicks is the Co-Producer & Co-Host of the Internet Radio Show “Spotlight Over The City.” The show interviews both local and national public figures, entertainers and artist.  The listening and viewing audience expands across the globe, reaching people as far as the United Kingdom, Argentina, France and Spain just to name a few countries; which airs every Thursday from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.   Dana is the Co-Founder of the “Business Leaders Network Alliance.”  The alliance was created to bring entrepreneurs together for support, business leads, and to align like-minded individuals.

She is the playwright and producer for the upcoming stage play “A Woman’s Love.” This stage play was written with the intent to save lives. A Woman’s Love brings HIV and “Mental Health” to the forefront.  Dana’s writing style is “real & raw.” Dana is also the TV Host for the “True Crime Series”, produced by former DC Homicide Det. Mitch Credle. She’s appeared in leading and supporting roles on TV One Network’s “Thou Shalt Not.” And “For My Man.”

Adding to her entrepreneurial, playwright, producing, hosting, and acting accomplishments, Dana is the Lifestyle Columnist for Copa Style Magazine. The founder of Copa Style magazine hand-picked her for this position. He said he wanted a woman that would speak her mind, honestly, and unapologetically. Dana lives by those traits and always brings her honest views to the forefront.


Zoie L. Squire, Writer / Behavioral Specialist

Zoie L. Squire is a native of Chicago who has lived in Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Zoie’s professional career started in staffing at Robert Half International and has currently planted roots in the Therapeutic School setting since 2010. Though Zoie enjoyed Staffing and Human Resources, the Therapeutic Day School setting has been the most fulfilling, rewarding and revelatory. Zoie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication/Journalism from Norfolk State University, a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior from Capella University and is currently completing her PhD in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior also from Capella University.

Zoie’s love for the therapeutic day school setting inspired her to go back to school because she wanted to be able to better serve and understand the population of kids she was now encountering. Though Zoie was born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, Zoie realized she had no clue what inner city children were now facing. Zoie realized that she not only had a new career, but a new mission! And, this mission was to help transform as many inner-city children’s lives as possible. Zoie believes that in education it’s not enough to teach the children the curriculum set by the state, but these children also need our love because many of these children aren’t receiving love from their homes.

While Zoie is currently deep in her research for the PhD program, her first love is and will always be writing. Zoie has been writing since the age of 6 when her mother realized Zoie’s writing was beyond her time. Zoie’s mom would have Zoie write short stories daily because she was determined to nurture the gift she saw in her daughter knowing that one-day Zoie’s writings would be a blessing to those she encountered throughout her life. Zoie has written over 400 poems, created her own greeting cards, recited poetry for graduations, retirement parties, funerals and weddings. Zoie has plans to officially begin publishing multiple volumes of her poetry with the hopes of providing poetry therapy for inner city youth suffering from various mental illnesses as well as social, emotional and learning disorders. Zoie is steadfast in her faith and is focused on fulfilling her purpose. Zoie’s stands on the scripture, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true” Luke 1:38.