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Monthly Archives: June 2019


Q&A with the Phenomenal Author Keysha Dale!

  • Posted on Jun 9, 2019

Focused, goal-driven, and always learning, Keysha Dale actively pursues her success while assisting other women to fast-track their own. Her willingness to be mentored and to mentor others has catapulted her success in the health services profession. The healthcare executive does so much more than play her role at work, she actively seeks ways to

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Q&A with the man behind the legendary Secret Society-Washington, DC’s very own Bryan Mills!

  • Posted on Jun 1, 2019

Formed in 2008, Secret Society; the brainchild of Washington, DC area musician Bryan Mills, was created to bring the “Live Band” sound back to today’s heavily computerized music market. The “Society” is that breath of fresh air that most aficionados have been searching for. The repertoire is deep and full of history, tradition, and diversity.

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