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Perseverance, Undeniable Talent, and Unwavering Faith = Creative Touch by Fatima!

  • Posted on Jul 24, 2018

Perseverance, Undeniable Talent, and Unwavering Faith = Creative Touch by Fatima!

Creative Touch by Fatima is an apparel boutique, which specializes in customizing converse and clothing. Fatima customizes designs through the use of embroidery and unique material. As of date, she has showcased her talent on approximately 178 converse sneakers. I call her the Bling Queen!

I’ve always known Fatima to be a creative being. When I developed the MoMedia Blog, she was absolutely on the top of my list of features for numerous obvious reasons. Her electric personality, strong will, giving nature, dedication, talent, willingness to share her journey, as well as her holding a special place in my heart. To know Fatima…is to love her!

The less conspicuous reasons are also why I am honored to feature this lovely human being. 2017 was a life-altering year for Fatima. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and lupus. I am proud and quite emotional, as I write, my true blue friend, is a breast cancer survivor. Fatima is a WARRIOR. She does not often share her medical history, however, her ultimate goal is to inspire us all to tap into our greatness, regardless of our physical and/or emotional state. She is a true testament of “When there is a will, there is a way.”

Thank you Fatima, for trusting us and sharing your experiences. You are a true inspiration. We are excited for the world to see your love for life…through your beautiful artwork.

Everyone…meet the “Bling Queen,” my dear friend Fatima, of Creative Touch by Fatima!

1.When was Creative Touch by Fatima established, and how did you conceptualize the idea?

Creative Touch was established in 2010. I’ve always been a lover of converse. I would purchase sneakers, shoe accessories, provide the concept, and pay someone to design them for me. I was always satisfied, however, the more time I spent selecting accessories, I realized I could do it on my own.

2. How long does it take to design a pair of shoes?

I provide a 1 to 2 week turnaround, which depends greatly on the complexity of the design. A client may request a shoe to be covered 100% in pearls. Another client may request embroidery only, and another may request a sports team. Every shoe is unique.

3. What is your specialty?

My specialty is ensuring my clients are 100% satisfied. I create designs for everyone. Children, adults, businesses, sororities, fraternities, sports teams…you name it I will work with clients to create.

4. What is the price range?

Price ranges are $65+ for children, and $85+ for adults.

5. How do you determine the design concept?

Normally clients have an idea of what they are looking for. For instance, they select the type of converse, color, and theme. Once they provide foundational information, I base the design on instinct and the client’s personal style.

6. What tools and advice do you recommend for aspiring designers?

You really do not need much to get started. Fabric glue, tweezers, accessories (ribbon, pearls, stone, nail heads, etc.) When you are ready to financially invest more into the craft, I recommend purchasing an embroidery machine. The cost varies from approximately $200-$3000.

The first piece of advice is simply to get started. Don’t wait until you think things are perfect. Second…wear your product religiously. YOU should be your biggest supporter. Third…your craft is your business. Invest in yourself.

7. What advice do you offer people who are dealing with challenging life events; as a result, find it difficult to pursue their dreams?

PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!! Believe you can do it! God has a bigger plan for you. Your experiences will become your testimony. Allow yourself to start, fail, learn, and grow.

8. What is your method of dealing with a creative block?

I’m always excited to collaborate with clients. Prayerfully, I do not run into creative blocks often. When I do, I take a step away from the product and pray to God to release and expand my creativity.

9. What are your favorite quotes?

My favorite quotes are “Only God can judge me,” and “Only the strong survive.”

10. Where would you like to see your brand in the next five years?

Five years from now I would like my brand to become a house hold name, one-stop-shop. When customers have a need for customized blinged out apparel, I want to be the brand they refer to. I also plan to create an establishment for youth, which will produce unique spa parties, birthdays, holiday parties, etc.

11. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the unconditional love of God, my husband, family and friends, my customers, and the prospect of building a household brand that is built on pure passion and love.

Perseverance, Undeniable Talent, and Unwavering Faith =

Creative Touch by Fatima!


FB: @Creative TOUCH By Fatima / IG: @creativetouchfc

Signed with LOVE…Monique





4 thoughts on “Perseverance, Undeniable Talent, and Unwavering Faith = Creative Touch by Fatima!

  1. Zoie Squire says:

    Truly inspiring MoMedia! All of your interviews with these wonderful creative minds and entrepreneurs is awe inspiring. Its wonderful to read their stories of how it all began. Thank you for the motivation to keep going after my dreams!



    1. says:

      Thank you Dr. Zoe. They are SUCH an inspiration. It’s a blessing. #thankful

  2. Me says:

    Super nice. I love the uniqueness. And hearing the story behind it. Makes it more amazing. Thanks

    1. says:

      Thank you!

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