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Meet the Distinguished Gentleman Himself, Mercyle ‘Butchie’ Farrell, CEO of Distinguished Entertainment!

  • Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Passion is not something you choose…Your passion chooses you. And my friend Mercyle ‘Butchie’ Farrell, has clearly been hand picked by the world of Event Entertainment. Mercyle ‘Butchie’ Farrell is the CEO of Distinguished Entertainment. For more than 20 years, Distinguished Entertainment has provided some of the best events in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

When Butchie talks about his love for producing events, he lights up. He speaks with ease, consistency, and genuity. His vision is grand, revolutionary, and inspiring. Butchie is on a mission to become a global entertainment firm competing with the likes of AEG and Live Nation. Due to his track record, mission to exceed his customers expectations, his expertise, level of hustle, and the mere fact that he’s a wonderful human being…Butchie will without a doubt be successful in bringing his vision of global exposure to fruition.

I met Butchie while attending Norfolk State University, in Norfolk Virginia. Butchie was always wise beyond his years. His keen business sense was evident at an early age and nurtured by his mother. Butchie was 12 years old when he produced his first event. He grew up in N.E. Washington, DC, during the 1980’s, which was considered a rough neighborhood at the time. Butchie’s mom did not like her children hanging out on the block and going to strange parties, so instead, she allowed Butchie and his brother Alan, to host parties in their home. He started with one party, which soon after, led to monthly house parties.

When Butchie left for college, he continued to manage parties.While in school he was chosen by David Alford, president of the SGA to provide event coordination services. The two managed a budget of $135,000 to produce concerts, bus trips and all the SGA homecoming events, as well as a very popular annual college weekend at a major amusement park, student government association events, weekend bus trips from and to DC/ Norfolk, moonlight cruises, etc. As Butchie matured, so did his events. The house parties he threw as a child and events he managed during college provided him with the expertise, which allowed him to transition his functions from parties to premier events.

After college, and still working a 9 to 5, Butchie caught a big break in the entertainment world and was hired to promote one of the most successful clubs in DC; Zanzibar on the water front Skyclub, along with his co-partners Butch, of Goombay Adventures and Steve Mathis, of Steve Mathis and Associates. The team promoted the club for 3 years. Butchie later partnered with Damond Scott of D Scott Intelligent Black Men and James Whren of JWC, to start some of the biggest hotel parties in the DMV area, also know as “All Black Parties,” “All Pink and White Parties,” and “The Costume Masquerade Ball.” Butchie has recently joined forces with Dan Alexander Niamai Productions, Lafayette of Esquire Productions, and Thaddeus Green of Chariot Entertainment.

Butchie has worked with countless local and national recording artist, in major venues across many cities. The 12 year old kid from N.E. Washington, DC, has blossomed into a successful business man, who has a loving wife and kids right by his side, as he continues to diligently builds a long lasting legacy, in which they are extremely proud of.

Ladies and gentleman meet the distinguished gentleman himself, Mercyle ‘Butchie’ Farrell, CEO of Distinguished Entertainment! We hope you enjoy the read!

  1. Why did you develop Distinguished Entertainment?

Distinguished entertainment was born from my love of bringing people together, creating an environment that fuels happiness, and my desire to build a legacy for my family.

  1. What tips would you offer someone aspiring to break into the event management industry?

To become an event manager you must be:

  • Consistent in everything you do- When you tell someone you’re going to handle something do it. Your word is all you have when it comes to business.
  • Make sure you’ve put contracts in place that you understand thoroughly.
  • Pay your taxes- I was once audited and realized my taxes were not in order. As a result, I learned to file my business taxes using the 1099 tax forms separate from my personal taxes.
  • Establish an LLC
  • Obtain business insurance
  1. What skills do you think an aspiring event manager should hone?

You absolutely need to have effective people skills, marketing & promotional skills, and accounting skills. If you don’t possess these skills, collaborate with someone who does.

4. What type of events do you produce?

We produce concerts, jazz festivals, summer festivals, destination trips, ski trips, mixers, day parties, cruises, bus trips, and custom events.

5. How do you successfully manage 10+events per year, all while being a husband, father, and full time employee?

Managing 10+events per year, while having a wife, 5 children ranging between the ages of 7 to 25, as well as a full time job is a serious balancing act and commitment. My wife is extremely supportive with is key. I also work with a team when producing larger events. My staff Tammy, Tara, Sameemah, Kristy, and my partners James from JWC, Danny from NiaMani Productions, Lafayette of Esquire Productions adn Thaddeus from Chriot Entertainment are experts in various disciplines, who collectively work really well. Lastly, use the 24 hours you are granted each day wisely.

  1. What are your favorite quotes?

My favorite quotes are: Just because you’re doing bad, does not mean you have to look like it. And, Prior planning prevents poor performance.

  1. What advice would you give your younger self as an event manager?

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize and SAVE your money! If I knew what I know now, I would have saved more of the money I’ve profited from events, to be able to invest in shows of a large magnitude.

  1. How would you like to see your company expand in the next 5 years?

I plan to build Distinguished Entertainment into a global brand, collaborating with the likes of AEG and Live Nation.

9. What is your why?

My why is my family. I want to build a legacy my kids are proud of and want to carry on the tradition of offering superb entertainment services for our customers.

Mercyle ‘Butchie’ Farrell, CEO, Distinguished Entertainment

FaceBook: Distinguished Entertainment

IG: @butchieboy0810

Twitter: butchieconcerts


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