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Checking in with…The INSPIRATIONAL Daryn Carl Ramsey!

  • Posted on Nov 1, 2020

Daryn Carl Ramsey is an author, and owner of Diamond & Light Publishing, LLC. His book BOLD & CRAZY FAITH: The Inspirational inspires Christians to increase their faith and live a bold and abundant life in Christ. His book was officially released in September 2019 and has already been recognized by Amazon as a Best Seller for both the paperback and Kindle ebook in 6 categories. He has interviewed with iBelieve Radio, Baltimore’s Hottest Gospel Station, 91.3 WVST Radio, Petersburg/Richmond, VA and Praise 106.1, The Elevation Talk Show-Worldwide, Baltimore, MD. He is the founder of Ramsey’s Corner, a blog that focuses on “all things inspirational.” Ramsey’s Corner by Daryn Carl Ramsey inspires people to accomplish their goals and dreams through blogs that center on faith, planning, actions, accountability, and motivation. On Ramsey’s Corner, Daryn also interviews and features authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs that are making their mark in the world inspiring others.

He has been a writer for Empowering Disciples Magazine, a contributing writer to and member of the Black Writers Guild of Maryland and Maryland Writers Association. As a writer for Speakers Magazine his interview and cover story with world renowned Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie is featured in the November 2018 issue of Speakers Magazine.

Daryn Carl Ramsey attended Virginia State University where he majored in Business Administration. He went on to attend the University of Maryland University College, where he earned his B.S. degree in Management. Additionally, Daryn has attended the Defense Acquisition University earning his Level III Certification in Lifecycle Logistics and Level I Certification in Program Management. Daryn Carl Ramsey was appointed by pastor Bishop Walter Scott Thomas Sr. to serve on the Diaconate Board of the New Psalmist Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland after appearing successfully before the Ordination Council and being ordained as a Deacon. He is an alumnus of the Branding Accelerator Program by Pam Perry, Public Relations Icon and the Write & Publish Like A Pro program by Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood, Award Winning Publisher & Executive Producer.

1. Bold & Crazy Faith is enlightening, nurturing, and infused with quotes to live by. Where did you pull your inspiration from? To God be the glory. I pulled my inspiration from God who over an extended period spoke to me in a whisper and sometimes more emphatically. He told me to talk to people and teach people about faith. I reminded God that I was already doing this. After questioning and observing His persistence, I said to Him, “You must really want me to reach a lot of people.” He answered that with a question. “How to reach the masses?” I thought, how do I reach the masses? My answer, “A book.” So, I asked God, “Do you want me to write a book?” And there was silence. But there was peace. And the peace was the type of peace that comes with confirmation. I was so sure that I said, “God you want me to write a book.” I also pulled inspiration from the quotes of well-respected celebrities who are believers, to make the correlation that many high-profile people have found success by living a life of faith and honor to our God.

2. How long did it take you to write Bold & Crazy Faith? It took approximately 18 months to write the book all together. The manuscript was completed in 7 months.

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3. How did you balance family, work, and your obligations as a deacon writing Bold & Crazy Faith? It was extremely challenging; however, I developed a book schedule to implement into my calendar that I usually keep for myself. My strategy was to develop the book schedule with the end in mind. I implemented the backward scheduling strategy that I use professionally meaning, I developed the book schedule with the end in mind, which in this case was the book release date. I planned backwards to the first day of writing. Milestones in the schedule included monthly, weekly, and daily word count goals and accountability with my mentor. Also, marketing, editing, and typesetting were major milestones. Of course, family is always a priority. I thank God that I have a wife who understood that for me to get this major project completed I would need to sacrifice some of our family time. I had to work around my work, diaconate, and church schedule and planned study time for early mornings, rarely scheduling or taking a day off.

4. What advice would you provide aspiring authors? Know your why. Do your own research and learn as much as you can about the industry. Talk to authors, and publishers and find a mentor to gain insight from them. Use an outline to set up and provide direction and clarity in your writing. Lastly, create a strategy from start to finish or from the end to the beginning.

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5. What is one of your most pivotal moments as you were writing Bold & Crazy Faith? On several occasions, God was giving the me the words to write while I was in the process of writing. It was exciting as the words and thoughts continued to flow one word and thought after the next. As I recognized the words coming from God, I would get excited for the readers that would surely be inspired because I knew the direction was coming from Him. On the flip side there were moments that I had to endure attacks from the enemy while writing that were meant to deter, intimidate, and stop me from completing the book. I referred to these observations and experiences in the book. These moments were further confirmation that this work was going to be substantial.

6. Tell us about your blog, Ramsey’s Corner. The focus for Ramsey’s Corner is all things inspirational. Ramsey’s Corner inspires people to obtain their goals and dreams through blogs that center on accomplishment, planning, actions, accountability, and motivation. We feature and interview entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, screenwriters, actors, filmmakers, interior designers, and more that are making their mark in the world and making a difference in the lives of others.

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7. You are an alumnus of two very reputable coaching programs. How impactful has mentorship been for you? Very Impactful! I am grateful to God as He has once again orchestrated and blessed me with access to two dynamic programs and two spirit filled and God-fearing mentors. Through their programs my mentors have provided sound advice and given me the tools to soar. Through the professionalism and experience of my mentors and hard work, I have literally been afforded once in a lifetime opportunities. I highly recommend both and their programs. Tressa Azarel Smallwood has been my mentor for almost three years through her Write & Publish Like A Pro, VIP and now Elite Film Mentorship programs. I was offered the opportunity to appear in a Non-Speaking Role BG Talent in the MegaMind Media feature film Holiday Heartbreak, a Christmas movie to be released this holiday season that is written by Tiffany Yancey and executive produced by Tressa and her MegaMind Media Film and Production company. Pam Perry has been my mentor through her Pam Perry Mentoring and Branding Accelerator programs. Pam gave me the opportunity to write for Speakers Magazine in which she is the Publisher.

8. How would you like to see your brand flourish in the next five years? I would like for my brand to expand and improve gradually and consistently. God’s plans can be entirely outside the box so, I will have to adjust if they differ from mine. I consider myself to be a content creator as I have several projects that are in development. I pray that five years from now my brand will expand to include a few more books, a film or two as a screenwriter and producer that are already in development and even possibly a songwriter. Additionally, more products and projects related to Christian and Inspirational Lifestyles.

9. What is your favorite quote or bible verse? People are sometimes surprised when I tell them that I do not have a favorite quote or verse. I have so many that I love, I cannot narrow it down to one. Matthew 6:33 is one of my favorites but today let’s go with another favorite, Ephesians 3:20 KJV, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” For me, this verse is all inclusive because it speaks to the unlimited abilities of God, the power that we have through the Holy Spirit that lives in us, and the faith that we have as believers. God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, and us as believers all working together.

10. What is your WHY? The reason why I participate in all of the above is because I am created to serve, inspire, and teach people to improve their quality of life and find their purpose by using the gifts of communication, leadership, creativity, and wisdom that I have received from God.

Checking in with…The INSPIRATIONAL Daryn Carl Ramsey!

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