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Q&A with the Brilliantly talented beautiful soul…Actress, Singer and Writer, Mia Ventura Lucas!

  • Posted on Jun 3, 2020

“I am particularly interested in dwelling on the very things that bring us together, the values we hold at our core as humans.” ~Mia Ventura Lucas


Initially when building MoMedia my goals were to provide a media platform for individuals who do what they love, as well as to create media that inspires, educates and entertains. While the foundation of my company goals remain the same, the internal intensity to contribute positively to the human race has been substantially magnified over the last few months.

Mia’s quote references unity, as well as an extremely high level of ethics, which represent a reflection of what many of us strive for. Her pursuit to understand what brings us together will continue to contribute immensely to her continued growth personally and professionally.

Mia Ventura Lucas is a Portuguese actress, singer and writer. She started her career in Portugal singing Fado and moved to Oxford, UK in 2014 to achieve her BA in Film Studies and Drama. During her time in Oxford, Mia performed with Stones Theatre Company and participated in competitive a cappella, being a Voice Festival UK finalist. Her a cappella show eventually made it to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, the same year she was granted a Merit Scholarship to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Upon completing her studies in NYC, Mia has appeared in numerous performances with AlphaNYC, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Evening Crane Theatre and Kathenas Entertainment.

While Mia is not pursuing the performing arts, she translates plays for TAS theatre company.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Mia! We wish you an abundance of success in all areas.

1. When did you move to NYC and what was your first impression of the city that never sleeps?

I moved to New York City in 2018, after an experience of living in Oxford for 3 years. I had worked in England and had just performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival so I thought I was used to large artistic communities. I couldn’t have been more wrong, New York is truly very different from everything else I had experienced. I think the first thing that really struck me was the grandeur of it all, the lights, the buildings, the traffic, the opportunities. On top of that… I arrived in the middle of a snowstorm, so I guess I was quickly hit with the harsh determination and will-power that this city demands from you.

2. As a NYC resident, how are you coping during our current climate (COVID-19)?

I was fortunate enough to leave the city before it was completely locked down but honestly it was so humbling to see how a city can change overnight. New York city was suddenly silent, fear reigned, Times Square was empty, the subways bleached, there weren’t any tourists anymore, and the poor homeless had nowhere to run. Frankly, it was a terrifying sight, truly showing us how little control we have.

I am currently staying with family members in Massachusetts. I believe that no matter where you are, you can still feel a strange climate, filled with anxiety and insecurity. I think that in moments like this, it is particularly important for us to turn inward and focus on the things that we can control. I find yoga and meditation to be extremely helpful.

3. How do you plan on adapting and continuing to grow as a creative in our current state?

I have been trying to keep busy and explore creative routes, I think it is important not to fall out of a routine. I am currently working on some songs and trying to stay up to date with my auditions and audition pieces. I have recently released an original song called ‘One More Day’, that you can find on YouTube, on my personal page, Mia Ventura Lucas. I am also trying to understand the ways in which the entertainment industry will evolve, so to adapt accordingly.

4. What have you learned about yourself and your craft since moving to NYC?

My work in New York has taught me a lot about resilience, the importance of good work ethic and the power of vulnerability. New York has a lot of work opportunities but it also poses an enormous amount of competition – I had to learn to find my niche and the type of work that I am best suited for. It is important to focus on projects that you know to be right for you and that allow for your development as an artist. It is not enough to just get cast though, it is crucial to have good work ethic and develop lasting work-relationships. It’s a small world, everyone knows everyone in this industry and you don’t want to get a bad reputation.

About the power of vulnerability… I believe it’s the best tool you have as an actor. Vulnerability is ultimately what good technique comes down to- just allowing yourself to be there, naked, truthful, willing to be moved by the story and circumstances of your character. If you just allow yourself to be vulnerable, your work will always be truthful and will always be good.

5. What challenges did you face as an international talent coming from Portugal to the United States? How did you overcome those obstacles?

I came from a city in Portugal that wasn’t particularly drawn to the arts. For the longest time there wasn’t even a cinema. I think sometimes if you are not from a great metropolis, you face the challenge of self-doubt, of convincing yourself that you can do it and that you are not an underdog; meaning, there is enough information and opportunities wherever you are, as long as you choose to see them. Moving to the United States from Europe was particularly challenging because of the mental stamina required in order to deal with the distance, the cultural differences, and immigration. I was very fortunate to have friends and family advising me on what I needed to do and what steps to take. You will surprise yourself with the amount of people that are willing to help you if you just ask.

 6. What advice would you offer someone who aspires to move to the United States in pursuit of a career in entertainment?

My best advice is to inform yourself. Get as much information on the work…the technique, on the norms and requirements of the particular industry you are moving into. How do New York head-shots differ from LA ones? What is the standard resume format? What casting sites should you utilize? What kind of work are you going for – camera, theatre, musicals? You should adapt your technique and audition materials depending on which. Search theatre blogs, artist magazines and ask whatever you need to ask, because the more information you have, the more prepared you will feel. It can be overwhelming to be an actor and it’s okay not to have all the answers as long as you are humble enough to ask the questions.

7. What inspires your work?

Life, honestly…everyday life. The priorities that people have, their needs, their fears, the things they hold dear. The power of a hug, a side look, even the power of humanity as a whole. I find the subtleties of human behavior fascinating.

I am also inspired by the power of a truthful performance, it’s potential to heal, to educate, to make people live and understand realities that are different from their own. I guess the different conditions of human life inspire me, but I am particularly interested in dwelling on the very things that bring us together, the values we hold at our core as humans.

8. The entertainment industry can be extremely fulfilling, and equally challenging. How do you maintain motivation for your craft?

Yes, it can be very challenging sometimes. I get a lot of my motivation from the people I hold dear, from my family and my fellow friends who are also artists. I think it is okay to feel defeated sometimes, as long as we allow ourselves to learn the lesson that that moment is trying to teach us. Sometimes I find that watching master classes, speeches or even a good piece of art can help boost my motivation and remind me of why I got into this profession in the first place.

9. How would you like to see your career grow in the next 5 years?

Well.. I’ve been finding that my plans shift constantly, but I’d say that I see myself working regularly in film by that time. I’d like to work in Europe as well as the States, in the independent film circuit, having some sort of festival recognition.

I have recently written a three act play with my co-writer Manon Alice Lee, called ‘The Blue Hour’, and I am currently working on two more projects, so I’m hoping to kick start my own production company within 5 years, which will allow me to produce meaningful work, support female and foreign artists and present, of course, some written originals.

10. What is your WHY?

To heal. I do this because I think there are messages that people need to hear, that humanity craves to hear. For instance, when the pandemic first started and the whole world stopped, people turned to art, to music, to books, to films, to poetry. Art feeds the soul and it allows people to assess their own lives, to revaluate history, analyze the present and ponder the future. I think that art makes the world more empathetic, and we need that now more than ever.

11. What is your favorite bible verse or quote?

Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

IG: @miavlucas / FB: Mia Ventura Lucas






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