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4 Video Creation Ideas/Tools to Enhance Your Brand!

  • Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Whether you are marketing a business, product, service, etc.; the use of video is an extremely effective communication tool. Here at MoMedia, we are very proud to have recently produced our first episode of MoMedia Presents, an online show designed to deliver business resources, insight, inspiration, as well as provide a media platform for business owners. We had the pleasure of working with The Napoleon Complex Group to bring our vision to life; which was an extremely rewarding experience.

There are an abundance of video options available to consumers. To determine the best decision for your video needs, consider budget, time, project scope, and the complexity of what you want to accomplish. Below are 4 video creation ideas/tools to enhance your brand.

1. Hire a production company: There are a multitude of production companies that offer video production services. However, finding the right group to bring your vision to life is not something you should take lightly.Interview a few companies to determine cost(s), turnaround time, services they offer, what role the company will play in producing videos, and what role you will play.

Pay very close attention to the companies’ genuine interest in your mission. You want to ensure to collaborate with people who are just as passionate about bringing your vision to life, as they are about their craft. The Napoleon Complex Group ( was the choice for MoMedia Presents, because of their professionalism, storytelling aptitude, and the fact that they genuinely want to see MoMedia Presents do well.

Cost: Varies. Be prepared to invest approximately $500-$3000.

2. Sign up for a videography and editing class: If you are not ready to commit to hiring a video production team. Consider taking a videography and/or editing class at your local community college or public access station. Here are a few options in the Washington, DC area:

1) Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia (DCTV)  2) Arlington Community Media 3) Montgomery Community Media 4) Fairfax Public Access 5) Prince Georges Community College 6) Northern Virginia Community College 7) Imagination Stage

Cost: Approximately $50- $1000

3. Editing Software Programs: Oftentimes video editing programs are standard in newer computers. Below are three options we have personally used and recommend for beginner to more advanced users.

1) iMovie 2) Adobe Premier Pro CC 3) Final Cut Pro X

Cost: approx. FREE – $299.99

4. is an online platform that offers training videos taught by industry experts. This platform allows you to learn any craft at your own pace, 24/7 from anywhere. All facts of video production training are offered through

Cost: Monthly membership $19.99 to $29.99

Once you’ve determined the best option to build your video content, get started. You’ll be pleased you did. And please… remember to enjoy the process!

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