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MoMedia’s Photoshoot “Behind the Scenes”

  • Posted on Nov 14, 2017

A tremendous amount of time, effort, sweat, and money, go into making a photo shoot successful. For us, the keys were to have a plan, communicate, collaborate with awesome people, maintain focus on the ultimate goal, and staying positive. Yes…staying positive. Staying positive was extremely important. Some things did not go as planned, however, in the end; we realized things transpired, as they should have. From the time we set foot on the set, the energy, professionalism, and comraderrie displayed by the entire team was refreshingly priceless.

The team was on one accord. And that accord, was to do our very best to ensure our host Dana Hicks, looked beautiful. Mission Accomplished!

Here are 7 tips to prepare for a photo shoot:

1. Set a budget.

2. Secure a photographer, model(s), makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and assistant if possible.

3. Secure date, time, and location.

4. Check weather, determine if shoot will be inside or outside.

5. Communicate with the crew regarding rates, turnaround time for product delivery, etc.

6. Provide coffee, tea, danishes, fruit, etc. You want to always make sure your crew members are comfortable and taken care of.

7. Have fun!

FYI: If you do not have a budget, no worries. Gather your creative and business savvy friends and collaborate. It’s a win, win situation.

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