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Meet Your Dream Vacation Connoisseur, Darline of Darline’s Travel!

  • Posted on Aug 22, 2018

Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, and Patient are the key attributes that come to mind when I reflect on the superb level of customer service my family received when planning our first European vacation. 10 months ago, my family decided to start a tradition of an annual family and friends trip abroad. We started with a list of 5 destinations, narrowing it down to a 6-day trip to Paris with a day visit to London.

Darline’s Travel provided guidance from beginning to end. None of us had been to Paris or London, and we all had varying questions and ideas regarding travel time, dates, hotel, air accommodations, and attractions. Darline remained patient throughout the entire process and provided a tremendous amount of information regarding safety, historical landmarks, museums, shopping and culture.

We contacted Darline’s Travel with a mission to explore and experience something new as a family, all while checking destinations off our personal bucket lists. Darlne’s Travel has exceeded our expectations. Thank you Darline for your expertise, and patience. We look forward to contacting Darline’s travel in the near future to schedule our next venture abroad. Did I mention she was patient. : )

Everyone please meet our travel agent, Darline of Darline’s Travel. We hope you enjoy the read. Au reviour!

  1. How did you get started in the travel business?

I started in the travel business in 1983 while being stationed in the Air Force at Colorado Springs.  I attended a junior college and received an associate degree in travel.  While in college I did an internship at a local agency giving me an excellent insight into the industry.  I also worked for SATO travel part time before leaving the Air Force in 1989.  I didn’t get back into the industry until 2008, which is when Darline’s Travel was established. I retired from my full time job in 2016 and have been doing travel full time ever since.

2. You are a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), as well as a Master Cruise Counselor (MCC). Why is certification important in the travel industry?

I am very proud of both of my certifications.  Certification in any industry is very important especially in the travel industry.  In order to keep up with the constant changes in the industry, training is imperative.  It also shows my clients that I’m dedicated and serious about my business.  I book cruises, honeymoons, and land tours to Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.

3. There are a multitude of purchase options when it comes to travel? What are a few key benefits of travelers booking through a certified travel agent vs. booking on their own?

Benefits to working with a certified travel agency are endless. A few key factors are:

  • Saving Time: Clients lives can be very busy and I research all possibilities for their vacation, saving time for the client.
  • Documents: I Ensure clients have all necessary documents, visas and boarding passes for travel.
  • Assistance when traveling: I’m available for my clients from the time they leave their house to the time they return, which for many clients has been helpful, especially when traveling to a destination for the first time.
  • Savings: There are excellent vendors who work exclusively with travel agents and have wonderful specials. This is another avenue for agents to help clients on a budget.

4. Can you provide a few tips for traveling abroad?

  • Timing is everything. I assist my clients with the best time of the year to travel to the destination of choice. Also, I ensure my clients understand the more advance time you purchase air, rail, and/or bus tickets, the more reasonably they are priced. To take advantage of more economical pricing, I recommend 90 days in advance for airplane tickets and a minimum of 30 days in advance for rail and/or bus tickets.
  • Add an app on your phone for translation, time and converting currency.
  • I send clients the weather forecast for their vacation destinations, ensuring they are prepared for varying weather conditions.
  • To reduce jet lag, make sure you do not go to sleep until the local evening hours and drink lots of water.  If you get there in the morning DO NOT stay in your room to sleep.  It will throw off your sleep pattern and you’ll find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning.

5. What advice do you offer aspiring travel agents?

I highly suggest continuing to educate yourself. Enroll in classes, read travel magazines and internet articles to stay abreast of the latest travel trends, opening of new resorts/hotels and new cruise ships.  I recommend new agents to find a niche; cruises, land tours, specific areas such as; Europe, Caribbean, Africa.  It’s hard to be proficient in all areas when you start in the industry.

6. Being a travel agent can be highly competitive, what are some of the attributes you love about the industry that keep you going?

I love to help clients live their dreams and visit beautiful places on their bucket list.

7. Through your travels what has been your most memorable destination and why?

I absolutely love St. Lucia.  The island has an incredible beauty complete with waterfalls, beautiful nature to include the Pitons and beautiful beaches.

8. Can you provide a few key security tips when traveling abroad?

  • Before leaving for your international trip, complete Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) –  This allows you to enroll your trip with the state department and the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • Clients should make 2 copies of their passport; one for to keep and leave the other with family. Once you get to your room place your passport in the safe and keep the copy with you.
  • I give my clients the address and phone number for the embassy and consulates in the countries they plan to visit.
  • Forego backpacks if you can. You want to make sure your valuable are in front of you at all times, not on your back.

9. Many of us are serial over packers. Can you provide a few packing tips?

Yes I do provide a packing checklist for the essentials that not only include things like clothing, shoes, toiletries but also reminders for things such as;

  • Call your bank associated with your credit card to let them know your travel dates and places you plan to visit
  • Put a hold on your mail
  • Contact your phone company for international prices on using your phone

10. Being a travel agent can…

Make the difference for a client in ensuring a stress free and beautiful vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding.

11. What is your favorite mantra?

I find a lot of my clients are very busy with work and family and need a vacation to help alleviate stress.  Before they leave I tell them while on vacation to remember 3 words; “I’m on vacation.”

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FaceBook: Darline Marsh, Darline’s Travel

2 thoughts on “Meet Your Dream Vacation Connoisseur, Darline of Darline’s Travel!

  1. Zoie Squire says:

    Having a certified travel agent seems to relieve all the stress that can come with planning a trip…especially a trip out of the country. I’m sure having it all planned out for you allowed you ladies to kick back and really enjoy Europe…..Thanks for sharing all of the great tips! 🙂

    1. says:

      Yes it does!!! Thank you my Dr. Zoe!

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