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MakeUp Artistry is Skin Deep for Lead MakeUp Artist & Skincare Specialist, Quandra Lee!

  • Posted on Oct 22, 2018

MakeUp Artistry is a highly sought after craft…it’s therapeutic, and for many, it’s a way of life. For ages, women have adorned makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup looks and purchase options are endless. There’s natural, evening, prom, bridal, gothic, anti-aging, celebrity, airbrush, permanent, mineral, and organic…the list can go on and on. Working with a skilled makeup artist is imperative to achieve a desired look, as well as understanding how to properly treat your skin underneath the artwork.

We had the pleasure of working with Quandra on our first photoshoot for our online TV show, MoMedia Presents. Quandra created a gorgeous look for our host/producer, Dana Hicks-Hungerford. Working with Quandra provided a tremendous sense of ease for us. Dana referred Quandra, and I had known her previously because I not only had the privilege of her beautifying me on my wedding day, Quandra, as well as Dana and I, are native Washingtonians.

Quandra Lee provides an extremely high level of professionalism that is unmatched. She’s thorough, educated, diverse, highly skilled, creative, innovative, nurturing, and warm. Everyone meet the amazingly talented Lead MakeUp Artist, Esthetician, Wax Specialist, Trainer, and Philanthropist, Quandra Lee, CEO of Quandra Lee MakeUp and Skincare! We hope you enjoy!

1.How long have you been a makeup artist / skincare professional and where did the idea for Quandra Lee Makeup and Skincare derive?

I have been a makeup artist for 10 years, and a skincare professional for 4 years. My business idea derived from seeing a need. As a makeup artist at Nordstrom, working at Bobbi Brown and then MAC. I noticed women were using makeup to “cover up” imperfections on there skin and I always thought of makeup as an “enhancer.” One of my goals is to ensure my clients understand how to properly care for their skin.

2.What advice would you offer aspiring makeup artist and estheticians?

The advice I would offer aspiring makeup artists and estheticians would be to first study your artistry and know your WHY and PURPOSE. Your WHY and your PURPOSE is what will keep you pushing forward. This is a purpose driven journey for me. I’m not doing it for the GRAM.

3.What services do you specialize in?

I specialize in professional makeup for bridal, photoshoots, special events, etc. and skin care, i.e. customized facials and chemical peels as well as head to toe waxing. I also offer wax training to licensed professionals who want to enhance their skills and generate more revenue through waxing services.

4.What is the process from beginning to end when someone hires Quandra Lee Makeup and skincare?

My goal is to create an experience for each of my guests. Before makeup and skincare, I worked in corporate, always within customer service, customer retention and sales. With that experience and knowledge, I understand the value in my guests experience, therefore, I pay very close attention to each person I’m working with to ensure I exceed their needs. What you are guaranteed to get consistently is a personalized experience, professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail, and education.

5.What daily regimen do you recommend for clients who have challenges with their skin?

Everyone should see an esthetician. If you have problems with your skin, you should see an esthetician once a month, and that professional should educate you on how to take care of your skin, creating a routine and regimen to get you to your happy place. If you don’t have challenges with your skin, you should visit an esthetician at least once a quarter for a deep cleanse, and discuss the products you are using to make sure you’re using what’s best for your skin type. Consistency is key in everything. Everyone should cleanse their face twice a day (morning and night), exfoliate, moisturize, and wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays.

6.Why did you decide to expand your brand and move into the esthetician arena?

My goal is to enhance beauty and that starts with your skin, not your makeup.

7.What does it take to excel in the makeup artistry / esthetician industry?

To excel you have to stay active in the industry, know what your lane and purpose is, stay focused and stay working.

8.What are your key traits that allow you to do well as an esthetician?

One key trait that allows me to do well as an esthetician is being a diligent student. I believe that in order to provide the best services for my guests, I have to continue to consistently educate myself. The industry is continuously changing and evolving, therefore I have to continue to grow and evolve as well.

9.We know your work with the National Kidney Foundation and Children’s Hospital Center is near and dear to your heart. Can you elaborate on your philanthropic work with them?

I am a two-time kidney transplant recipient and I enjoy volunteering my time and services to help those who have gone through similar medical issues such as myself, to help boost their self-esteem.

10.What inspires you?

My grandmother inspires me. She inspires me to never give up and always push forward. As I’ve gone through hardships in life, I chose to remain positive, find the lesson and move forward. That’s the beautiful thing about life, God has given us the ability to get up and start again, each day.

11.What drives you?

I’m driven by having life. I got sick at the age of 17 and the fact that I’m able to get up every day and do what I love most, helping women look and feel there most beautiful selves, gives me purpose and fulfillment.

12.Where do you want to see your brand in the next five years?

I plan to have my own brick and mortar within the next five years, providing quality services in makeup artistry and esthetics, while offering job opportunities to local makeup artists and estheticians.

MakeUp Artistry is Skin Deep for Lead

MakeUp Artist & Skincare Specialist,

Quandra Lee!




FaceBook: Quandra Lee

Instagram: quandraleemua



Signed with LOVE…Monique


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