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A Beautifully Designed Foundation + Exquisite Taste = Heavenly Designs & Spaces!

  • Posted on Dec 17, 2018

When I think of Tangent Askew, Decorating Principal, Owner and Decorating Consultant, of Heavenly Designs and Spaces, I think order…elegance…deep-rooted faith…and absolute exquisite taste. Tangent’s ability to transform a space is impeccable. While it’s clear her creativity and style are innate, she comes from a family of women who breathe sophistication and regality.

Tangent’s grandmother Jo-Jo and aunt Helen’s keen fashion sense and love of the finer things in home decor and art provided a foundation for Tangent that would later prove to be the driving force in her career choice as an interior designer.

Tangent aka Tangie, and I attended high school together. We have many mutual friends, and have always been very fond of one another. When I learned of Tangie’s love for interior design, it was no surprise. From Tangie’s talent, faith-filled presence, and family roots; her passion to help others bring their dream spaces to life is a no-brainer. She is truly designed for this!

Everyone meet my courageous, divine, super talented friend, Tangent Askew, Decorating Principal, Owner and Decorating Consultant, of Heavenly Designs and Spaces! Tangie’s journey  is a true inspiration. Enjoy the read!

 1. When did you establish Heavenly Design & Spaces (HD&S) and what inspired you to go into business for yourself?

I established, Heavenly Designs & Spaces January 3, 2012. I honestly was met with a major life change and challenge that pushed me to go into business for myself. In 2011, I had gotten divorced and laid off within a 3 months’ time of the same year. I was battling a health issue (hypertension) from all the stress and anxiety acquired from my current challenges that bombarded me all at once; and I also had a 3-year-old, that I was single-handedly caring for as a single parent now due to the circumstance and my now reality.

Thankfully, I had a great support system from both sides of the family who helped me along the way, with navigating being a newly single parent with responsibilities, and a plan that I had to come up with, to figure it all out. While trying to figure things out, I prayed and asked God – what am I supposed to do now? How am I going to care for this precious child and go on with my new life? And the life that I am used to living? I pondered, and the answer came very quickly – (Interior Decorating!). Truthfully, Interior Décor has always pulled on my heartstrings from a child, even into my adulthood. However, this idea, to go into business, was only going be until I found another good paying job, in which I was able to get back on my feet (and get back to life as normal). But God had another plan in place for me… I would often as a hobby and love of decorating, help friends and family with sprucing up and decorating their homes. I myself have personally always kept a beautifully decorated home because that is how I was raised, and what I saw and experienced growing up. My grandmother, affectionately known as (Jo-Jo) had a BEAUTIFUL home back in her day; that all of my friends would love to come by and take look at her home, as I spent a lot of time with her.

They thought my grandmother was rich (lol), though she was rich and spirit, it was her impeccable style and ability to create a beautiful dream home with high-end touches that the everyday homeowner or only a few in our community would even think to have. The design of her house was EVERYTHING to me! My gift of decorating was handed down honestly I must say! Between my grandmother and my aunts, I acquired a style of great taste and decorating opulence with seeing them grace their homes with extravagant chandeliers, Victorian custom upholstered furniture, monogrammed linen table clothes, and napkins; gold-plated china and drinking flutes, heavy silverware that you had to hand polish and prepare for family dinners; and state of the art frequent renovations to their homes (when it was not popular as it is today). The joys of experiencing ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL and TIMELESS was right before my eyes.

I had an aunt (Auntie Helen) whom just recently passed away, whose home décor and most valuable and original art pieces in her home, was featured on the estate sales marketplace, “Everything But the House,” and was sought after and sold to the highest bidders. I also enjoyed going to model homes all throughout the Washington Metropolitan Suburban areas and just looking at how all the homes were decorated and put together so nicely. I also worked for an Architecture and Interior Design firm based out of Washington D.C., years back to help further my understanding and love for the art for Interior Design.

2. Why did you name your company Heavenly Designs & Spaces (HDNS)?

I wanted to acknowledge my faith in God (as I am a believer), and in anything, that I do personally or professionally, I want to acknowledge Gods presence and represent Him. Secondly, I want all of my clients’ homes, offices or spaces to feel like “Heaven” when they walk in and walk away. I desire for them to have a blessed home and experience at the end of the project.

3. What design services do you provide?

At Heavenly Designs & Spaces we offer home Interior decorating at affordable prices within your budget, and we educate our clients on the ability and importance of NOT breaking the bank, to have a beautiful and “Heavenly” home. We offer E-Deign and renderings for the client who is a DIY (Do It Yourself fan) and who loves to create and manage projects themselves, but needs just a little assistance with pulling things together. We select the furnishings and décor and then the clients purchase our selections or recommendations per their room(s) to be designed. Home staging is also offered for homes to be sold or open house assistance to Real Estate agents. We are rapidly increasing in Interior and exterior home renovations, where we connect with local contractors who are licensed and bonded to restore and/or renovate any of your home renovation needs (Kitchens, Baths, Basements, Flooring, Carpet – you name it). We work with some of the best contractors in the area. And lastly, we offer project and property management services to contractors and property managers/owners, who are unable to handle their day-to-day scheduling and upcoming jobs or service request. Home flipping and investment property design assistance to Investors and rental property owners are a big hit with HDNS as well.

4. What is your creative process when working with clients?

My creative process is to ask a lot of questions and get as much information as I can from the clients to help bring their vision to life. If they do not have a vision or are not able to articulate what they want; it is my job to create one for them, that they would love, be proud of and appreciate. I focus on what makes them gleam. What their desires are and just knowing from experience, what is needed to fulfill their expectations. My questions are – What story would you want your home or space to tell? How should this space reflect you and your family? How do you want it to feel when you walk in… etc?

5. Where do you pull your design inspiration?

Oh my goodness, I pull from everywhere! Nature, Colors, Pillows, a piece of furniture or art that would be a focal point and/or inspiration. Pinterest is one of my favorite websites or some of the wonderful furniture stores that I may frequent online, often have inspiration rooms or themes to draw from. Staying up to date on design trends also, is very helpful to both the client and myself.

6. What advice would you offer someone who is interested in pursuing design as a profession?

When I started interior décor and decorating, it was almost unheard of in this area and very hard to get my foot in the door (without being a celebrity designer or local socialite), to be hired or even considered in this area.  And the mentality or presumption was that; you had to be very well off or established to acquire or hire an interior decorator. Now in 2018, there are so many outlets and affordable resources available to use; everyone could have a home they would love to live, love and entertain in whether it is newly built or a previously owned home that needs a little TLC.  As a Decorator, I’m thankful for all the creative outlets such as HGTV and the other design forums that pushed through and introduced a climate of beauty and design for the home. By having those outlets and resources available now, I am able to thrive and do what I love to do as a designer.

If you are looking into getting into this business and wonderful field of Interior Decorating, you have to have an eye for quality, a heart for service, and not be afraid of hard work! The end result is glamorous, but the process is not always…

  • You must acquire an understanding of scaling, mixing colors, patterns and textures. You have to be extremely flexible and know that – even though you have your specialty area of design that fits YOU; you must be able to identify and deliver what the client wants.
  • You must possess a passion for creativity, style, design and the Heart for the Home. If you have these qualities, this could possibly be the profession for you. It is so rewarding and refreshing from a designers standpoint! Look at it this way; to be able to design and decorate a home, office or space for someone, and at the end of the project, you either see tears of joy or smiles of disbelief that this was their old space – is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have and enjoy doing. I’ve cried on a many occasion with a few of my customers because, #1. I pulled the project and tasks off beautifully and #2. They absolutely loved the outcome. And I have built some of the most wonderful relationships with my clients from our process and working together. We have become more than just a firm/client entity – we become family!
  • You must have the ability to multi task. You have to have the skill in seeing beauty and purpose in all things (even in the ugliest sofa you could ever imagine – your ability to make it a gorgeous masterpiece is your JOB)…
  • You need to be very flexible, customer focus and engaging. Not only are you selling your services and ability to decorate their home, you are selling yourself and the ability to be trusted with their project through integrity and experience. That is a PLUS!!!
  • You must also make yourself available for the client and make them feel like their project and home is your most valuable masterpiece and focus (even if you have 5 other jobs you are working on). Garner a lot of patience because some clients (in the beginning) cannot see the forest for the trees and it’s hard for them to relinquish control.

We juggle a lot of different schedules, budgets, personalities, communication styles, etc. But through it all, there is a blessing in trusting the process on both ends and being patient to ensure a beautiful end result (even on a budget).

7. What advice would you offer someone who desires to enhance the beauty of their home, but feels they lack design creativity?

It’s simple: Hire an Interior Decorator.. lol… I got you covered! But there are many wonderful designers out here now and I am sure there is one that could meet your design needs. If you are not comfortable with hiring one at the time for whatever reason, seek some inspiration from a few social sites and try out a small DIY project and see how that turns out for you. From there, you can personally determine if doing it yourself is for you or if it would be better to hire a professional to help you with the process moving forward.

8. What are three key elements to creating a space you love?

Identify your inspiration, visualize, research, and create the concept to present. Make it work within your budget.

9. What are your go to stores for home décor?

There are so many… I go to local shops such as, Home Goods, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, (Surprisingly Ross), Home Sense and my new favorite At Home. I have a host of online stores and sites that I frequent as well.

10. What motivates you?

Life itself motivates me. Even in the challenges of life, you can always find beauty and purpose. It’s just like decorating and renovating a home. You have to trust and have faith in the process to see the beauty of the creator at the end!

11. What is your favorite bible verse? I have a few, but the one that resonates with me is; Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all thatwe ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

12. How would you like to see your business develop in the next five years?

Wow… I would like to see my business develop sooner than 5 years out. I would like to establish and own a design studio where I can have my clients come and visit a one stop shop for all of their décor and renovation needs.

13. What is your WHY?

The WHY was my struggle, The WHY is my PURPOSE, The WHY is my Passion, The WHY is my gifting and the WHY is my blessing from God!

A Beautifully Designed Foundation + Exquisite Taste = Heavenly Designs & Spaces!

FaceBook: Tangie Askew, Heavenly Designs & Spaces (HD&S)

Instagram: @heavenlydesignspaces


Signed with LOVE,






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