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DJ Bigg Meech lives up to his company’s name! Energy Productions: Karaoke, Lighting, and Sound!

  • Posted on Nov 20, 2018

The year was 2014, and I was well into my second year working as an Information Technology Specialist at a Washington, DC area law firm. The experience was memorable for many reasons…what exceeds them all is the camaraderie established amongst our staff. Demetrius “DJ Bigg Meech” Gravette became an intricate part of the IT team. Demetius has an extremely familiar presence…working with him is comfortable, easy, and enjoyable. His energy is electric, trustworthy, and I’ve had the benefit of learning even more about the IT field through working so closely with him.

I’ve always had a desire to provide a media outlet for people who pursue their dreams. When Demetrius shared his deejaying skills with me years ago, I made a mental note, and added him to the list of people I had planned on featuring. Demetrius was added to my mental list not only because of the aforementioned qualities, he was also added because of the kindness he has consistently displayed with co-workers, customers, and myself. Superb customer service is an acquired skill many have challenges obtaining. However, for Demetrius, customer service is a way of life…it is unequivocally essential… it is etched into his DNA and infused into his company, Energy Productions.

Ladies and gentleman please meet the President and Lead DJ of Energy Productions: Karaoke, Lighting & Sound! My former coworker, forever friend, DJ Bigg Meech! We hope you enjoy!

1. When did you start deejaying and what inspired you to start Energy Productions?

I started deejaying approximately 17 years ago. I dated a female DJ some years ago…and then about 10years ago I started to watch my brother who was also a DJ. I was fascinated with how the crowd would react to him and his musical choice.

2. What services do you offer?

I offer djing of ALL types of music, as well as party lighting, uplighting, and monogram lighting. I also DJ karaoke, as well as display videos to accompany the songs I play during a set.

3. What type of events do you provide entertainment services for?

I DJ ALL types of events, from proms, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, BBQ’s, Bar mitzvah’s, special events etc. We do it all!

4. What are your top 3 challenges as a DJ and how do you overcome those challenges?

My top 3 challenges as a DJ are:

  • Securing the business- There are many DJ’s on the market. I overcome the competitive nature of the business by trying to get in front of the customer so they can see my “ENERGY,” and also by educating them on finding a DJ that fits them.
  • Quoting a price – I tend to be on the more economic side when it comes to my prices, however, that does not mean I sacrifice customer service or products because of it. In fact, I’ve heard that I do more and offer more than my counterparts for less.
  • My last challenge would probably be my wanting to always invest in my company to make things BETTER. I will buy things even if I don’t need to because I want my clients to experience the best time they’ve ever had. I purchase items knowing very well what I already have will work just as fine. With that said, I’m working on a more disciplined approach in that area.

5. What do you do to prepare for a set?

People tend to think DJing is easy, and all we have to do is push buttons…but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When I have an upcoming gig, I dedicate time to preparing thoroughly. I ask my customers for “MUST PLAY” lists and I also get their opinions on how they want their event to go. I also prepare by staying current on the latest / greatest music and formulating a play list that may go well with the songs my client provides.

6. What advice would you offer an aspiring DJ?

I would tell a new DJ that this is a great business to get in to. To “MAKE SURE” and listen to your clients and don’t assume anything. To ALWAYS be early to a gig, and to NEVER be on time, which in my book considered late. To be professional at all times and to leave any problems you are dealing with at the door. And lastly…to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your craft.

7. What equipment do you recommend an aspiring DJ purchase as a starter kit?

I have all the top of the line equipment NOW, but it took me a while to get there. I started out with inexpensive “but good” equipment. I would tell a beginning DJ to get what they can afford and that customers generally don’t care, as long as the job they do is excellent and  great music is provided. Customers really don’t care about your equipment. That’s more or less a DJ thing.

8. What music software do you recommend for DJs?

Software is based truly on preference and what you’re trying to achieve. I prefer Virtual DJ because I do A LOT of video DJing. Serato is another software option, however, it isn’t capable of holding all of my music and videos. Serato is well known to CLUB DJ’s…they tend to use that interface because of its quick response times when they scratch.

9. What should a potential client expect from Energy Productions from the time they secure your services through the duration of the contractual agreement?

Clients will receive honesty, professionalism, timely responses, and a GREAT time. We pride ourselves on these traits.

10. What inspires you?

My family inspires me. My kids attending college… also, I get inspired by helping someone achieve their dreams and by being a part of it. I’m told the DJ is the most important person at a wedding (next to the bride) and we can make or break a wedding / event, my craft is very important to me.

11. Where do you want to see your brand in the next 5 years?

I would like to see my brand 5 years deeper into building an even sturdier base, providing superb entertainment services, and being able to work for myself  FULL-TIME, as well as continue to hire additional skilled and talented DJ’s.


DJ Bigg Meech lives up to his company’s name! Energy Productions, Karaoke, Lighting, and Sound! 

Demetrius “DJ Bigg Meech” Gravette / 240-286-2571 /

IG: @djbiggmeech / FB: Demetrius T.F. Gravette

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