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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dana Hicks, and 2 helpful Tips!

  • Posted on Jan 25, 2018

Dana Hicks is the multi-faceted host and co-producer of MoMedia Presents. Dana’s accomplishments, range from entrepreneurship, playwright, producing, hosting, and acting. Dana’s professionalism, dedication, drive, and intellect, are a tremendous asset to the MoMedia Presents team. However, it’s her warmth, consideration, genuine spirit, and the fact that she’s just an all around great person, that makes her presence PRICELESS.

In honor of MoMedia Presents debut, we’ve gathered 5 interesting facts about Dana, as well as 2 helpful tips. Enjoy!

Dana realized she wanted to pursue a career in media approximately 10 years ago. 

I realized I wanted a career in media about 10 years ago.  I naturally love talking and interacting with people. I have always been a social butterfly. The first show I hosted and co-produced was “Dana’s Lane” in 2015. Due to circumstances beyond my control, production was discontinued after recording the second show. That didn’t break me; it actually made me push harder. I made myself proud, because I made the calls to secure guests. I was responsible for every little detail of making the show happen. My guests for the first show were “Chink Santana” who was at the time on “Love & Hip Hop New York”, which airs on VH1, Tim McAdams who was the stuntman/body double for “Ludacris” in the movie “Fast & Furious”and Former NBA Star Steve Francis.

My guests for the second show were Beverly Smith-Brown, the founder of the Non-Profit Organization “Mommas Safe Haven,” DJ Flexx from WPGC 95.5, and last but not least, Natalie Wilson, who is the Co-Founder of the Non-Profit Organization “Black & Missing.”

Dana appeared on her 1st National TV show in 2015

My first National TV appearance was in 2015. I appeared on the series “For My Man”, which was aired on TV One. Since then, I have appeared on TV One twice, and in October 2017, I landed my 1st leading role, on the ID Channel.

Dana is writing and producing a stage play

I never aspired to be a playwright. One day I just thought about the world we live in and how so many people are blind to the harsh reality of this cruel world. I started thinking about how” HIV & Mental Health” are things that are not talked about in the public eye as much as they used to be. I just started writing the thoughts that I had in my mind and started visualizing characters. Here we are six years later, and I’m finally ready to bring it to life.

Fibromyalgia is near and dear to Dana’s heart. This is why…

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010. I didn’t understand why all of a sudden I was in pain all over my body all the time. The doctors kept telling me that I was fine, but I knew I wasn’t. Finally, I was diagnosed, and started my research. While there is no cure, and most pain medication does not take the pain away, I push through. I have learned, when you push through mentally, your body will follow. It might sound crazy, but it works for me! I really do live everyday like it’s a celebration even when I’m working, because I know 1st hand how precious life is. I tell people all of the time, “no pain no gain!” I will NEVER give up!

What advice would you give someone who aspires to become a media personality?

Anyone interested in a career as a media personality should have a true love and understanding for people. Always be who you truly are on-camera and let your true self shine bright. People are connected to genuine spirits and positive energy. When people truly like you for who you are, you will get booked to do what you love over and over.

What would you tell your younger self?

The advice I would give my younger self is to party and live it up AFTER you pursue your dreams and have accomplished your goals.

Dana’s favorite quote is…

My favorite quote is “Love me or leave me, I’m going to be me.”  We live in a world where so many people want to conform themselves to fit in. I’ve never had that desire and never will.


Stay Tuned for MoMedia Presents…hosted by the lovely Dana Hicks!




4 thoughts on “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dana Hicks, and 2 helpful Tips!

  1. Micheline Bowman says:

    Keep being the authentic you!

    1. says:

      Thank you for your response Micheline. We love Dana’s authenticity.

  2. Malaika Hayward says:

    Yes! I love it! Great article! My best friend is the bomb! Continue to be GREAT in whatever u do!

    1. says:

      Thank you for your response Malaika. We are excited to work with Dana. She’s awesome!

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