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Q&A with Credit Expert Tamika Alexander!

  • Posted on Sep 3, 2019

TNT LLC (Trust in Tamika) was established in 2014. TNT provides credit repair services and other financial solutions. Tamika Alexander is also a full-time Federal Employee. She began providing credit repair services in 2010 for family and friends. Her desire to provide credit repair services derived from an unfortunate identity theft incident she was faced with in 2009.

Tamika hired a lawyer to resolve the identity theft incident, however, the lawyer did not move swift enough. Tamika decided to take matters in her own hands. She researched credit laws and the credit repair process. With the knowledge she had acquired, Tamika was able to successfully repair her credit score back to a perfect rating. Tamika’s ability to successfully reestablish her credit and help others do the same was the driving force in developing TNT. Tamika has assisted countless people in taking control of their financial health.

She holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Norfolk State University, and a Masters in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland. She is currently an Information Technology Management, Doctoral Candidate.

Tamika thank you for sharing your journey with us. We hope you all enjoy!

1. When did you establish TNT LLC services and where did the desire come from?

TNT LLC (Trust in Tamika) was established in 2014, I started doing credit repair in 2010 for just family and friends before the establishment and my family and friends put the word out about my services and I decided to take it to the next level. My desire to do credit repair came from Identity Theft that I had back in 2009. I hired a lawyer to take care of everything, but she wasn’t moving fast enough for me so with my background I decided to study different credit laws etc to move the process along faster. I was successful in doing so and that’s when my family and friends were amazed at how I overcame such a huge setback and was able to tackle my credit and get it back to perfect credit.

2. What advice do you offer aspiring credit experts?

The advice that I would give anyone aspiring to start a credit repair business is to be patient, truthful, and communicate with your clients. Credit repair is not easy, and you have a lot of competition out there, but you must have your own blueprint to set you apart from what others are doing. Networking to get yourself out there as well. Study and research the what’s happening in the credit world will help you succeed as well. Last thing try to find a mentor who can guide you through the process from start to finish. Remember it’s not about the money it’s about your brand and helping others.

3. What are a few key points to establishing and maintaining an excellent credit rating?

Know what goes into a good credit score rating. Five key pieces of information are used to calculate your credit score, your payment history, level of debt, credit age, mix of credit, and recent credit.

a. Pay your bills on time

b. Keep credit card balances low

c. Don’t close old accounts that are in good standing

d. Less inquires

e. Pay over the monthly amount due

f. Remember you must use credit to have credit!

4. How do you balance working a full-time job while building and maintaining TNT Services?

Work life balance as you know can be hard to do. My full-time job I work for the federal Government as a Cyber Security Manager and TNT when started was going to be a part-time but honestly now it’s a full-time for me as well. With credit repair, the work can be difficult to maintain at times with me being the only person with my company that does the work. I use to have an assistant but I didn’t have time to train her to help with the actually work that has to be done. How I’m able to juggle work, my business, school, etc is having a calendar with target dates and what my goals are for the week. One must be good in time management in order to handle such a workload. I have a set number of clients I’m willing to accept on a monthly basis which helps me control the workload with credit repair. With my federal job I have a flex schedule and able to work around the credit repair business. With both I have to make myself available at all times for my clients.

5. Why do you think it was important to collaborate with realtor Chris Perry?

What can I say about my relationship and why its important to collaborate with the best realtor in the DMV area… My list can be long but I’m going to get straight to the point, we both have a passion for helping others get to where they need to be its not about the money with either of us we love what we do and do for others and can do it with our eyes close. My relationship with Chris helps both of us meet the goals of our clients. About 90% of my clients come to me because they are interested in buying a house. I know Chris’s work and blueprint because he is my realtor and knows that he is passionate about what he does and there was no other realtor that I would have chose to be my partner. Having a good realtor as Chris on my side helps me expand my services for TNT even more.

6. Where do you want to see your brand in the next five years?

TNT is getting bigger and bigger by the day, I started this thinking that it would be something I would do on the side but now I’m not only doing credit repair but also do speaking engagements for realtors and churches as well. In the next five years I see myself holding training sessions for up and coming credit repair interest. I’m also working on a business proposal plan to target certain high schools, colleges and universities to offer classes inside of schools.

7. What is your WHY?

What is my WHY….I like to refer to this quote people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it! I do this to empower, educate and inspire others that because they had a setback with credit they can and will receive what is to come. I enjoy helping others and listening to their stories that they share when they reach out to me for credit repair. Since I was a child my mother would tell me I always helped in some type of way and I get a high off helping others and putting a smile on their face.

Q&A with Credit Expert Tamika Alexander!

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